Marketing at the intersection of environmental and economic value

Consulting Approach​

Green Business Technology Marketing

To effectively market a solution with environmental attributes, it is ideal to quantify the financial and environmental benefits, align the solution with the overall goals of the customer, and understand the context in which the customer’s organization operates.

Develop well-quantified benefits
The key to advancing a clean technology or sustainability agenda is to build not only a well-quantified environmental case, but also an equally strong economic case.   If the required payback cannot be achieved, the solution could be presented with an alternative financing method.  By converting the solution from a capital to an operating expense, it will gain support.

Align solution benefits with the client’s goals
Align the sustainability and financial benefits of the solution with the overall goals of the customer’s organization.   By doing so, more dramatic benefits can be demonstrated.

Understand context
Different organizational cultures call for different approaches. If an organization has many proponents of sustainability, they will likely seek more detailed environmental benefits.  Other organizations may have sustainability skeptics and need more extensive financial data and shorter paybacks.