Green Business Technology Marketing

​​Functional expertise:

  • Solution development – Create solutions to capture new market opportunities. Enable customers to reduce their environmental impact and save money.
  • Creation of messaging and communication to support strategic marketing goals.
  • Business and client relationship development.
  • Facilitation of teams and business communities to reach common goals.

Sample Clients:

Hewlett Packard – Researched and wrote industry whitepaper.  Paper intended to establish credibility for HP in the energy and sustainability measurement and management sector.

US-wide non-profit supporting environmental innovators and businesses – Developed strategic messaging for two purposes; articulating the advocacy mission of the organization and value provided to individuals who choose to become members. 

National association supporting the business community in cities and towns throughout the United States - Grew membership from 40 cities to 400 over the course of three years.  Demonstrated how clean technology is an economic development tool that delivers positive financial outcomes for businesses. 

Large Silicon Valley technology firm – Built enterprise messaging for a program targeted to significantly improve the energy efficiency of computing.  Conducted market research, conducted internal research with company executives and managers, and documented competitor positioning.  Using these research materials, constructed strategic market messaging and developed in-depth sales training and communications materials.  Tested final messaging with business development team and key industry analysts.

Marketing at the intersection of environmental and economic value